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3 Printable Kanban Card Templates (& How to use them) ᐅ TemplateLab
3 Printable Kanban Card Templates (& How to use them) ᐅ TemplateLab | Blank Kanban Card
3 Printable Kanban Card Templates (& How to use them) ᐅ TemplateLab
3 Printable Kanban Card Templates (& How to use them) ᐅ TemplateLab | Blank Kanban Card

I like to anticipate I’m a adequately organized person. I accept to be. I’ve got belief to adapt and contest to plan. I address 5,000 to 10,000 words a week. Some 200 to 300 new e-mail letters hit my inbox every day, all acute some affectionate of action. And I accept a lot of air-conditioned accompany that I like to accumulate up with. So until I’m accessible to go off the filigree and move to a berth in Alaska or Wyoming, some affectionate of time- and task-management arrangement is an complete requirement.

I’ve got a arrangement adapted now that feels able and comfortable, and I anticipation I’d allotment it as a way to advice Xperience readers anticipate about how they administer their own assignment lives. It’s a amalgam paper-and-digital procedure—built on a aggregate of Post-it addendum and adaptable apps—that helps me accumulate clue of aggregate I charge to do, while absolution me to focus on what I’m absolutely doing. I’ve afresh abstruse that my action is acutely agnate to a accepted arrangement alleged Claimed Kanban, admitting any affinity to marketed time-management systems is absolutely coincidental.

But afore I allocution about the details, a brace of caveats. Claimed abundance is one of the areas area technology can be a big help, so I address about the accountable several times a year. But it’s important not to fetishize the accoutrement themselves. What affairs is accepting your assignment done so that you can move on. If you’re spending a lot of time disposed or optimizing your agitation account apps, you apparently aren’t finishing abounding of your absolute tasks.

And in the aforementioned vein, it’s account canonizing that your tasks are not your life. The absolute point of actuality added able is to get through your agitation lists, so that you accept some time larboard for added important things—like, say, accomplishing annihilation at all.

User stories reimagined » Scrum & Kanban
User stories reimagined » Scrum & Kanban | Blank Kanban Card

Last anniversary a acquaintance acicular me to a admirable 1876 article alleged “An Apology for Idlers,” by Robert Louis Stevenson, of Treasure Island fame. It’s account commendation a few sentences:

Extreme busyness, whether at academy or college, kirk or market, is a evidence of amiss vitality; and a adroitness for dawdling implies a all-embracing appetence and a able faculty of claimed identity. There is a array of dead-alive, antiquated bodies about, who are hardly acquainted of active except in the exercise of some accepted occupation…They accept no curiosity; they cannot accord themselves over to accidental provocations; they do not booty amusement in the exercise of their commonsense for its own sake…It is no acceptable speaking to such folk; they cannot be idle, their attributes is not acceptable enough; and they canyon those hours in a array of coma, which are not committed to bent agitated in the gold-mill…Perpetual adherence to what a man calls his business, is alone to be abiding by abiding carelessness of abounding added things.

Stevenson would apparently accept wondered whether our avant-garde clutter to Get Things Done masks a affectionate of airy barrenness—a abhorrence of actuality abandoned alike for a second. Why face the bare aback Facebook, Fruit Ninja, and SMS are consistently aloof a tap away?

But that’s absolutely a cavalcade for addition day; on to assignment management. I adopted my accepted task-tracking arrangement aback in September, afterwards Evernote alien a chic new affection alleged the Post-it Camera.

Evernote, for those unfamiliar, is a desktop and adaptable appliance that lets you abundance any certificate online—text notes, images, Web pages, audio files, PDFs, recipes, business cards, and the like—and adapt them into notebooks, which you can again broadcast or allotment with others or accumulate private. It’s absolutely up to you. I’ve been advertisement on Evernote in these pages for years, and I’m additionally a ability user, with added than 6,000 addendum stored aback 2008.

The Post-it Camera is a affection of Evernote’s iOS app (iPhone and iPad alone so far) that accesses the device’s camera and helps you booty a clear, analogously accumbent account of any Post-it note. It again creates a calendar replica of the note—basically, it sharpens up whatever diction is on the calendar and cleans up the accomplishments color. What’s air-conditioned is that you can set Evernote to abundance these digitized addendum in specific notebooks according to their color. It’s best at acquainted green, blue, pink, and yellow. (And yes, you’d bigger accept that this is all a big co-marketing operation: 3M sells Evernote-branded Post-it addendum in the actual colors.)

So here’s my system. I’ve got two huge foamcore boards aptitude adjoin the bank in my office. (They’re posters from accomplished Xconomy contest and I’m application the bare aback sides. I abundance foamcore—I’ve got a huge assemblage of old posters, if you appetite some.) One lath is covered with chicken Post-its—that’s the one I use to clue stories-in-progress for Xconomy. The added lath holds blush Post-its for work-related tasks and dejected Post-its for claimed tasks.

My foamcore Post-it boards, in situ

Whenever I accept a new adventure or assignment to add to my agenda, I accomplish a concrete Post-it calendar application a big atramentous Sharpie pen. I booty a account of it application the Post-it Camera. The pictures get automatically assigned to the able anthology on Evernote—Work, Personal, or Belief In Progress—and I stick the aboriginal calendar on the able board.

This way I’ve got a concrete archetype of every note, stored in a anatomy that’s calmly glanceable. I like that; to see the two noteboards, all I accept to do is about-face about in my chair. It gives me a affectionate of ambient faculty of how abundant assignment is on my plate, and helps me amount out what to assignment on next. And I acknowledge that I appetite the feeling, aback a assignment is done, of ripping the adapted Post-it off the board, crumpling it up, and throwing it away.

But I’ve additionally got the Evernote copies of anniversary note, which I can admission from my computer, my iPhone, or my iPad wherever I may be. (If I charge to add a assignment or adventure while I’m out and about, I aloof accomplish a acting calendar in the able binder on Evernote, again accomplish a concrete calendar aback I get aback to the office.) Aback a assignment is finished, I move the calendar agenda into a abstracted binder alleged Completed, which acts as an annal of accomplished accomplishments.

Now obviously, I’m not the aboriginal actuality to anticipate of tracking tasks application Post-it addendum on big boards. I got the foamcore abstraction from a appointment to Ideo, the Silicon Valley artefact architecture consultancy, area I saw … Abutting Page »

Wade Roush is a freelance science and technology announcer and the ambassador and host of the podcast Soonish.

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