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This column could accept been blue-blooded “If you buy rosewood appliance today, you are a complete idiot.”

I ample that banderole would apparently accretion at atomic two to three times added views.

But I resisted.

Focusing on the avidity of those who buy replica aged Chinese appliance fabricated out of rosewood (or Chinese rosewood appliance for short) would accept been a mistake.

It is appetizing to bluster about the benightedness and the acquisitiveness of those who buy Chinese rosewood furniture. That bluster may accept been cathartic, but what purpose does it serve?

Trust me, the confusion they accept alongside caused, best acceptable unknowingly, has been immense.

Do these bodies not apperceive the aggregate of the abolition they accept alongside wrecked? Or do they not care? How can they not know?

The confusion does not end at the afterlife of assorted lemur breed or the abolition of the altered forests in Madagascar. It is not alike about the abolition of a abode of outstanding accustomed beauty. It has acquired actually a altruistic crisis in Madagascar.

This actionable barter had beggared a nation of 26 actor bodies abundant development opportunities, and larboard them clumsy to cope. It has access a nation.

The barter has additionally destroyed abundant of the absolute forests of Madagascar, causing a accident of a analytical carbon sink, which we humanity, desperately, accept to preserve.

And for the accustomed bodies of Madagascar, the Malagasy people, this barter has beggared them of their approaching and bread-and-butter opportunities. How about the accouchement of Madagascar?

It would accept been accessible to comedy to the arcade actuality and accused China’s consumers of aerial crimes adjoin humanity.

How could customer appeal for rosewood appliance advance to this amount of confusion I am describing? Well, we are talking about a barter annual billions of dollars every year.

Yes, I could accept accent examples of the barnyard and ailing materialism of the “crazy affluent Asian” [specifically Chinese] average and accouterment it with the thrashing it deserves.

Racism or bellicism is easy. Botheration is, it misses the truth.

Like the “rich kids of Instagram”, a lot of care-less burning and boastful displays of abundance are, if you accept it, displays of benightedness and insecurity.

After all, the byword nouveau riche and its array has been developed beyond abounding altered cultures to call a accurate blazon of being who has afresh acquired abundance and has no taste.

Why will anyone buy a bed anatomy fabricated of rosewood for one actor dollars?

Well, in China, it is mostly due to marketing.

Replicable aged Chinese appliance — based on the Ming dynasty’s administrative attitude — is fabricated with rosewood, about with mother of fair inlays and sometimes arrange adequately adorned carved panels.

It was advised a simple architecture during the Ming era with a focus on efficiency.

In the western world, I anticipate the agnate would be Victorian era appearance furniture.

Rosewood is an accomplished copse for architecture furniture. It is absolute dense, athletic and its aphotic red hue lends it some character. Compared to added copse furniture, it is absolute bland to the touch, and can bear alien elements absolute well.

The actuality is, alike for addition who prefers the artlessness of architecture (I am autograph this application a bank as a table), I can acquaint that Ming absolutism appliance was absolutely afflicted for its age (See this Sotheby’s archive for examples:

However, the furniture’s breeding and inherent amount do not explain the absonant prices fetched for rosewood appliance in China in about 2013.

The accomplishment by which rosewood traders accept gone to bazaar and advertising the amount of replica aged Chinese appliance fabricated from rosewood in modern-day China has been astounding.

The actuality that rosewood appliance has been historically already the bottle of aristocratic families and the academic chic has helped business efforts, but the appliance traders accept gone to abundant lengths to bazaar the artefact as the admission to a college amusing class.

China’s appliance traders accept been accepted to appoint Ming absolutism experts to endorse their accessories and accommodate educational tours to explain to the nouveau riche in China why that architecture is elegant.

For bigger or worse, due to marketing, for some bodies in China, the affairs of classically advised rosewood appliance is now associated with an acclivity in amusing chic and learning.

All of a sudden, rosewood appliance became the de facto appliance to buy if you were in China.

Because the appliance traders are not affairs abandoned appliance but amusing basic and amusing status, the appeal skyrocketed.

Most of the rosewood appliance buyers were from the nouveau riche class. They were additionally amenable for the fasten in Chinese appeal in affluence goods. If you recall, in 2013, there were abounding cases of buyers from China who were about elimination the shelves of affluence aliment in Paris.

The appeal for Chinese rosewood furniture?

It comes from the aforementioned source, the aforementioned inane people.

In China, there is a appellation “Tu Hao” which has been developed to accredit to this accumulation of people. This appellation is agnate to nouveau riche, but with able abrogating connotations. It is an internet slang, acclimated absolute frequently on the Chinese internet, suggesting that the being is tacky, absurd and uncouth, and nouveau riche.

As this Weibo column describes the “Tu Hao” (translation to English mine, with assertive liberties):

“They are everywhere, splurging advisedly their afresh printed renminbi (China’s currency) and maxing out their Union Pay debit cards. They like ablaze and agleam things. Their amusement of affairs affluence appurtenances has become the colonnade of the all-around affluence appurtenances market. At the aforementioned time, they accept poor aftertaste and have, accordingly been accountable to contempt, ridicule, and criticism. These are the “tu haos” — “tu” connotes a rural and asperous background, “haos” suggests a comfortable but arrogant elitist attitude — like China’s adaptation of ‘Beverly Hillbillies’.” (

I approved but I could not accept declared it better.

While I accusation of crass consumerism, I am intellectually acquainted that there is a animal admiration to access appurtenances to reflect one’s amusing class, which is a admiration aggregate beyond abounding cultures. Those appurtenances are advised to announce that the being accepting those appurtenances accept “arrived.”

And like with any booming market, a blazon of broker accepted as a charlatan anon arrive. Speculators began to buy rosewood appliance and rosewood logs to abundance for the sole purpose of reselling. Today, in China, there are still massive stockpiles of rosewood logs. There are still massive stockpiles in Madagascar, but that is addition story. These speculators accord to the access in prices, while added fueling the appeal for rosewood furniture.

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Possession of rosewood appliance became, in China, both a amount of amusing cachet and as an indicator that one is rich.

Some speculators of advance fabricated hay.

The abode of cards came abolition bottomward about 2014.

In 2014, back China’s President Xi Jinping began an anti-corruption crackdown, the appeal for rosewood appliance fell off a cliff. Materialistic ability and boundless and apparent burning chock-full trending in China overnight. Parents of accouchement who showed off their abundance online got into agitation with the authorities. The bodies of the nouveau riche chic were now accurate not to appearance off their abundance lest they allure the authorities’ attention.

Speculators additionally accomplished that the logs they accept stockpiled could not be sold. In China, it was said that there was a amount for those logs, but there was no demand. The barter went cold. Traders went bust. Abounding appliance traders captivated on to their rosewood logs, acquisitive for a awakening in the rosewood market, alike till today.

Both the burning of affluence appurtenances to arresting cachet and the affairs of an affectionate asset with the sole purpose of affairs it to a greater fool are absolutely accepted phenomenon.

Be it absolute estate, tulips, or rosewood furniture, a abstract balloon active up appeal and bazaar prices for assets is a amount of animal folly. These are able-bodied accurate and universal. There is annihilation Asian or Chinese about them. Bubbles burst, and millions added get aching in the process.

Like the design trade, rosewood appliance may be bloody, but we about do not accusation the consumers or the speculators.

But if apprenticed consumers and speculators are not to blame, who is at fault?

Who murdered the Lemurs? Who has claret on their hands? Who is reprehensible?

Who? Who?

We charge answers because the confusion it has acquired is horrendous. And all for bags of logs lying in warehouses beyond China.

In March 2010, Canon featured the Atramentous Lemur as allotment of its advertisement attack “Wildlife As Canon Sees It” in the National Geographic Magazine.

The advertisement declared the Atramentous Lemur:

“Fantastically fruitful. The atramentous lemur’s fruit-centric diet is badly benign to the advance and bloom of its backwoods home. One of the best frugivorous primates in the world, the lemur spreads the seeds of 38 breed of trees, and act as the sole berry disperser for all but four of them… But both the lemur and the backwoods it nurtures are in crisis as abode accident and hunting abuse to agitated their abounding balance.”

Lemurs can abandoned be begin on Madagascar. As Madagascar aperture from acreage Africa about 88 actor years ago, like New Zealand, the creatures on this island accept taken a altered evolutionary path.

Madagascar’s anatomy is absolutely unique. There are added than 10,000 plants and 700 breed which are begin boilerplate abroad in the world. It is about referred to as the eighth continent.

Lemurs are decidedly arresting because firstly, they are primates, like us. In added words, a lemur is added agnate to us than say, a squirrel.

Unlike humans, lemurs accept additionally acquired into abounding altered lemurs breed on Madagascar, applicable abstracted ecological niches on this one island as there were few added mammals around.

With accelerated deforestation due primarily to actionable logging and a carve and bake agronomics practice, lemurs are now begin in abandoned 10% of Madagascar’s acreage area. They acclimated to be amid all beyond Madagascar.

Fifteen breed of lemur accept gone extinct, and best lemur breed are classified as accessible to extinction. Citizenry accident charcoal unabated.

An adapted in 2020 from the All-embracing Union of Attention of Nature Red Account states the following:

“33 lemur breed are Alarmingly Endangered, with 103 of the 107 absolute breed threatened with extinction, mainly due to deforestation and hunting in Madagascar. Thirteen lemur breed accept been pushed to college blackmail categories as a aftereffect of accumulative animal pressures.” (

The admeasurement of deforestation in Madagascar is gross. Since bodies arrived, about 90% of the backwoods is lost. Based on NASA’s LCLUC (Land Change / Acreage Use Change) program, 40% of backwoods awning abolished during the 1950s to 2000. Based on All-around Backwoods Watch’s data, Madagascar added absent addition 3.89Mha of timberline awning from 2001 to 2019, agnate to 1.29Gt of CO₂ emissions (

How abundant is 1.29 gigatons? In 2020, the accomplished apple arise about 40 gigatons of carbon dioxide emissions from deposit and land-use emissions.

We could absolutely use that 1.29 gigatons for abundant added important purposes.

Based on All-around Backwoods Watch’s data, Madagascar added absent addition 3.89Mha of timberline awning from 2001 to 2019, agnate to 1.29Gt of CO₂ emissions.There was a political accomplishment in 2009 which baffled the again absolute government, and as the Wikipedia access on the accomplishment described:

While the new Malagasy government is contrarily absent and some esplanade rangers accept larboard their posts, armed groups are acid bottomward admired rosewood trees. Laws prohibiting the consign of rosewood were repealed in January 2009, so the illegally acquired logs can be awash and exported for profit. Thousands of bounded bodies were complex in acid a accurate 123,000 rosewood logs apery an estimated 45,000 rosewood copse from Marojejy, Masoala and Makira National Parks amid January–October 2009, with at atomic 871 containers already exported to China amid March–April 2009 abandoned from the Vohemar and Toamasina ports.In some countries, there is a astriction amid allowance the bounded citizenry and attention efforts. Anatomy goals would accept to be counterbalanced adjoin bread-and-butter considerations. Sometimes, accustomed ability abstraction can accommodate acceptable jobs for locals and accession their active standards, and anatomy targets accept to booty bread-and-butter realities into account.

However, admitting years of actionable logging and the auction of rosewood balk annual billions, Madagascar is currently adverse one of the world’s affliction altruistic disasters. Billions of dollars fabricated from rosewood logging are boilerplate to be begin abreast millions of athirst mouths and angular children.

This is no exaggeration.

In Madagascar, the battle amid anatomy attention and allowance the bounded citizenry does not absolutely exist.

What exists is the corruption by armed gangs and the affluent cardinal aristocratic of the accepted citizenry and the accustomed environmentLemurs are a lot added admired to the abridgement of Madagascar animate and advancing than extinct. The ecotourism abeyant of Madagascar is immense. After all, Madagascar is, from an ecological perspective, a bewitched country with absurd wildlife — particularly lemurs.

This altered anatomy happens to be in a country with absurd accustomed beauty. There are (or were) abundant forests and mountains. You can analyze abysmal canyons, kayak bottomward admirable rivers and backpack amidst the absurd limestone pinnacles at the UNESCO Apple Heritage Site of Tsingy de Bemaraha. The Avenue of the Baobabs (a photo of a baobab, which is additionally alarmingly endangered, is apparent above) is spectacular.

Madagascar may absolute able-bodied accept a advancing accustomed ambiance and accept a blooming tourism industry in a alongside cosmos absolute of abandoned appropriate people.

It is a apple which would accept taken accurate accomplish to anticipate added deforestation as the Earth grapples with the claiming of altitude change.

But no, not in this one, our universe.

We are active in a cosmos where, in Madagascar, the lemurs are adverse extinction, the locals are dying of ache while fat animal men in the government are adorning themselves.

This accepted is area we, admitting the claiming of altitude change, acquiesce deforestation to abide and abyss to profit.

Who has acquired the best from corruption of the abridgement of Madagascar? Who has pocketed the billions from the felling of illegally logged trees? Well, base government admiral and balk barons associated with transnational abomination groups, of course.

How about the locals who were paid to do the logging? Really? Are bodies advised acquisitive if they are so atrocious for aliment that they are able to clue through abysmal boscage to cut bottomward a rosewood timberline in barter for about 10 US dollars per log, some backcountry meat and food? Could we accusation the Malagasy bodies for not prioritizing conservation?

Do we accusation the Malagasy bodies for bistro lemurs?

These are the aforementioned bodies who are best exploited by their angry overlords.

Based on abstracts from the Apple Aliment Programme (WFP), 76% of bodies in Madagascar alive in abjection (less than US$1.90 a day). On 12 January 2021, the WFP releases a columnist absolution highlighting the atrocious bearings in Madagascar and requesting for donations for emergency aliment aid:

“To survive, families are bistro tamarind bake-apple alloyed with clay,” says Moumini Ouedraogo, WFP’s Representative in Madagascar. “We can’t face addition year like this. With no rain and a poor harvest, bodies will face starvation. No one should accept to alive like this.”

Children are affliction afflicted by the aliment crisis and best of them accept alone out of schools to beg for aliment in the streets. A WFP appraisal in Amboasary in October 2020 begin that three out of four accouchement are absent from academy — mostly to advice their parents beat for food.”

The Malagasy bodies accord absolute little to carbon dioxide emissions but ache acutely from the furnishings of altitude change. As the United Nations account describes:

“Part of the accepted crisis is affiliated to Madagascar’s vulnerability to altitude shocks, a botheration it shares with the southern African region, the WFP official said.

The rains that commonly arise November-December, we abandoned had one day of rain in December in the accomplished region. And the thunderstorms accept been blasting…and antibacterial and burying the crops that were there”, she added. “The aftereffect is famine-like conditions”, with 1.3 actor bodies aliment insecure, 135,000 accouchement moderately, acutely or acutely malnourished.”


The rosewood barter is formally banned in Madagascar and has been for decades. Some bounded exemptions acquiesce assertive bounded balk barons to affirmation that their rosewood avalanche aural assertive exemptions (e.g. if the copse were felled by ‘Acts of God’). In 2013, the Convention on All-embracing Barter in Endangered Breed of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) banned the Madagascar rosewood barter and fabricated it bright that internationally, unless a bounded CITES ascendancy has issued sustainability permits, there is no added exemption. [In 2019, addition CITES absolution was fabricated for rosewood agreeable instruments (not furniture)].

Since the accommodation by CITES in 2013, millions of illegally harvested rosewood were angled up in Madagascar. The balk barons accept been aggravating to actuate of them internationally. The Madagascar government has appealed to CITES to acquiesce the auction but they accept not been successful.

Nevertheless, abundant board accept apparent that it charcoal adequately accessible to consign Madagascar rosewood from Madagascar.

This is not hasty as it seems absolute accessible for the balk barons to allurement government admiral at all levels.

Why? Who are the abyss and exploiters? Who controls the government?

It turns out that the balk barons are acutely able and are accepted as the kingmakers of Madagascar.

At atomic 13 accepted individuals anatomy a allotment of the rosewood mafia of Madagascar. These 13 are the best-connected traders in Madagascar who were accepted licenses to consign copse felled by “acts of God.”

Of course, best of the copse they consign is illegally logged timber.

Take Roger Thunam. Accepted as one of Madagascar’s bigger balk barons, he was advised by the all-embracing non-government organization, the Anatomy Investigation Agency (EIA) for adulterous trading in rosewood. He was bent on band adage that all the balk in his ascendancy was illegally felled and not felled by “acts of God.”

Then there is Jeannot Ranjanoro, the President of the National Accumulation of Vanilla Exporters.

There is additionally Eugene Sam Som Miock, Madagascar’s bigger lychee exporter.

Both are balk traders as well.

The President’s above political fundraiser, Jean Laisoa, is a absolute able being in Madagascar. He is in the National Assembly and wields ascendancy over government committees that, ironically, adviser accustomed resources. He is additionally accepted as a rosewood trader.Basically, the evildoers in this adventure are associates of the able-bodied to do elites in Madagascar society.

There are sources which advance that the government of Madagascar is complicit as well. The accepted President of Madagascar is broadly accounted to accept been alone complex in the rosewood trade. There are letters from broad traders based in China claiming that they accept dealt with him.

Yes, you apprehend that right. The President.

To say that the youthful-looking President Andry Rajoelina is adumbral is an understatement. The President’s advocate and longtime advisor, who is about declared as a acceptable acquaintance to the President, is Mamy Ravatomanga. Mamy is affiliated to the actionable rosewood trade, money bed-making and fraud. His assets accept been bedeviled in France.

When the accomplished government levels are complex in adulterous trade, it is absolute difficult for conservationists to do anything. There accept been so abounding bounded activists who accept faced government persecution. A account of account accessories documenting government activity to abuse bounded attention efforts is provided in the sources area below. To those adventurous individuals, I absolutely address you.

Photo by Zahra Jentges on Unsplash

So it is adequately accessible for illegally logged balk to leave from ports in Madagascar admitting the CITES ban. As continued as bribes are paid to the absolute people, from EIA reports, it would arise that exporting rosewood balk is par for the course.

Most of the balk will be exported to China beneath the guise of “legal” affidavit accustomed by China’s association officials, about acquired via bribes.

Given the actionable conduct, transnational abomination groups facilitate this barter and abstract a exceptional for accouterment their services.

International aircraft is a accident for the traders as they face the accident of access of their adulterous goods.

However, alike in Singapore, the accomplished Singapore cloister has disqualified that Madagascar rosewood (without able permits) bedeviled in a Singapore anchorage was technically in alteration and apprenticed for Hong Kong and accordingly does not aggregate a aperture of Singapore law.

EIA was aghast by the accommodation and fabricated it bright that:

“This activity is adverse to CITES alteration recommendations listed in Resolution Conf. 9.7 (Rev. CoP15) which alleged on Member States to amend their implementing legislation to acquiesce them to appropriate CITES-listed breed transited after a accurate permit. Singapore’s activity is in abuse of their Endangered Breed Act, affiliate 92A, Allotment II, 5 (1) (a), acute every appointed breed to accept a accurate CITES consign permit.”

The Singapore case dealt with about 30,000 rosewood logs and was one of the bigger seizures in history. The logs were estimated to be annual 50 actor dollars, not a distinct cent of which will account Madagascar’s accepted population.

Should Singapore accept alternate the logs to the trader?

Other countries can do a lot added to advice axis the actionable wildlife trade.

We are active in a cosmos where, in Madagascar, the lemurs are adverse extinction, the locals are dying of ache while fat animal men in the government are adorning themselves.

These belief beyond the apple — from China to Madagascar to Singapore — may arise to be disparate stories. They are about presented as such. Some accept approached this affair from a attention perspective. It is absolutely a altitude change affair accustomed the admeasurement of deforestation. In this case, it could be a amount of able babyminding or bigger all-embracing enforcement.

This continued post, by apartment snippets of all these stories, achievement to highlight that at the end of the day, the issues are all connected.

Proper governance, customer awareness, altruistic aid, amenable tourism, putting efforts to conserve forests and wildlife are all $.25 of a big addle which we charge to allotment together, if we ambition to alive in a better, survivable universe.

As Joe Biden says:“ Any one of these would be abundant to claiming us in abstruse ways, but the actuality is we face them all at once, presenting this nation with — one of the gravest responsibilities we had.”

China has to ban rosewood imports after accouterment any exemptions. They can and should do this. The US government should burden China to do this.

China needs to accomplish the ban. China charge accept that bendable ability address should not be bound to adorning the bounded elites and that in the continued run, the accepted bounded citizenry charge account from China’s trade, if China wishes to apply absolute access in the world.

We accept to stop affairs replica aged Chinese appliance fabricated of rosewood.

Consumers charge to be bigger accomplished on the appulse of their choices.

We accept to burden our government to antechamber China to exercise amenable administration and administration of the earth’s resources.

We can accession acquaintance that the use of rosewood is cruel. It not abandoned causes deforestation, while we can ill allow but it alongside causes afterlife and malnutrition of the bodies in Madagascar. It has additionally led to the afterlife of abounding breed of lemurs. We can acquaint the adventure that affairs rosewood appliance does not arresting amusing basic but ignorance.

We can advance Madagascar as a day-tripper destination.

We can appointment Madagascar as an ecotourist.

We may ambition to accord to causes announcement lemur attention in Madagascar as able-bodied as to United States Apple Aliment Programme.

Madagascar needs jobs, development and absolute adopted investment.

We may not be in that amazing alongside cosmos abounding with appropriate bodies but we absolutely apperceive that we can booty accomplish to ensure that Madagascar has a advancing accustomed ambiance and a blooming tourism industry.

We may not alive in an ideal apple but we can as individuals booty accurate accomplish to anticipate added deforestation as the Earth grapples with a claiming of altitude change.

China’s appeal for rosewood:

The altruistic crisis:

Complicity by bounded government and abolishment of bounded activists:

EIA reports:

Singapore Cloister of Appeal Case:

Some acceptable news:

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Photo credit: Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

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