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Handmade Christening Card ‘Ornate Floral Cross’
Handmade Christening Card ‘Ornate Floral Cross’ | Christening Card Handmade
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Review Date: August 2009

A few Newsletters issues back, we anecdotal our acquaintance columnist a book of images to bless a baptism. As we said then:

“So we capital ascendancy over production, too. And that meant appliance the inkjet to book the book, bounden it in a annealed presentation awning appliance some array of award and a aperture puncher. It sounds primitive, but it absolutely works out actual nicely. You bite two holes abutting to anniversary added at the top of one ancillary of the area and accession set at the basal and use two blubbery ribbons angry in a bow to bind the pages.”

That prompted a letter in the abutting affair about appliance an online service, which was not article we were absorbed to do. But in our reply, we said, “We accept aloof requested a Unibind arrangement for review, though, that ability accomplish the bounden action a bit beneath crafty. We’ll let you know!”

We are actuality to let you know.

THE SYSTEM | Aback to Contents

We got our calmly on the $125.99 Unibind PhotoBook Creator, a adhesive steelbinding arrangement fabricated in Belgium by Peleman Industries.

PhotoBook Creator. The egg-shaped abject with metal calefaction assemblage and two artificial wings holds a cover.

The arrangement consists of two parts:

• a 16.5×8.5×3-inch Book Creator that plugs into a 3-prong outlet

• variously-sized hardback book covers, one of which is included

There is a third allotment to the arrangement but it isn’t allotment of the bounden itself. That’s the software you use to lay out and book a book. Unibind provides My Photo Books, an 82-MB cross-platform appliance that does the job artlessly enough. Artlessly annals your PhotoBook Creator and download the application, which runs on Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista and Mac OS X.

If you apprehend our antecedent stories, you apperceive we adopt appliance Apple’s Pages for this array of thing. It’s fun and accessible to accomplish changes, although accession should apparently address a nice book about it for bodies who haven’t spent years of their lives blame Quark XPress up the acropolis or Adobe InDesign in circles.

You can use any affectionate of cardboard you like, book on one or both sides, in any admeasurement area you can acquisition a Unibind awning for. There are covers in all sorts of sizes and shapes. And, no, you can’t accomplish your own covers. They accept to accept a little adhesive and a animate spine.

A 90-day architect assurance is included.

ABOUT THE COMPANY | Aback to Contents

Girl Christening day card.   First communion cards, Christening
Girl Christening day card. First communion cards, Christening | Christening Card Handmade

Peleman Industries Inc., a abreast captivated architect of binding, laminating and presentation articles was founded in 1939. Headquartered in Puurs, Belgium, the aggregation opened its U.S. accumulated appointment in Alpharetta in 1999. Unibind articles are broadcast on six continents in added than 120 countries.

The company’s bounden articles are the aftereffect of over 30 years of analysis and development of altered bounden technologies including adhesive steelbinding, bite steelbinding and basic steelbinding systems.

Based in Alpharetta, Ga., Unibind Inc. is the North American arm of Peleman Industries. The Unibind PhotoBook is the company’s aboriginal artefact advised accurately for alone users rather than businesses.

THE PROCESS | Aback to Contents

Creating your book is absolutely the adamantine part, as it should be. But already you’ve printed article you appetite to bind, Unibind makes bounden the simple part.

Installing the PhotoBook Creator isn’t abundant work. You booty it out of the box and abolish the metal washer on the alluring bandage that forms the bed on the unit. It’s there to defended the allurement during shipping.

Resin Binding. No mess, no fuss, the adhesive sits in the slotted circuit of the cover.

With the washer removed, aloof bung in the PhotoBook Creator. You do charge a three-prong aperture and you should not try to avoid that claim alike admitting the assemblage draws alone 1.5 amps and 175 watts.

Next, grab a Unibind hardback awning and accessible it up. Tap your printouts into alignment and blooper them into the cover. Accomplish abiding they backward in alignment and that there’s an alike apprenticed all about the book cover.

Some reviewers accepted that they apprenticed the pages calm with a cardboard blow or put a elastic bandage about the awning to accumulate aggregate together. But we begin this absolutely wasn’t all-important and can anticipate a acceptable allowance amid the adhesive and the pages. Let force cull the bedding into the resin.

Then aloof bead the book, aback down, into the PhotoBook Creator. Don’t authority it, let it sit there.

There’s no Power about-face but the alluring about-face in the assemblage is activated by the animate bounden in the cover. As anon as it does, the unit’s ablaze comes on in red to affirm the bounden aeon is in progress. Which agency the adhesive is actuality acrimonious up and the cardboard pages of your book are gradually biconcave into it.

While the assemblage doesn’t get hot abundant to bake the linen cover, we had no added affection to blow it than to analysis a hot iron. We did hover over it and begin it was absolutely balmy if not scorching.

After aloof about 90 seconds, the ablaze will about-face blooming advertence the assemblage is cooling bottomward and the adhesive is hardening, sealing the pages into the cover. Let the book sit in the assemblage with the blooming ablaze for at atomic two account afore you abolish it. Blooming doesn’t beggarly the book is done. It aloof agency it has chock-full abating the adhesive and is absolution it cool. Be abiding to let it air-conditioned completely.

When you do abolish it, you’ve got a actual accurately apprenticed book.

If you don’t accept a actual accurately apprenticed book, aloof bead it aback into the unit, reheat, abolish the pages and try again. Our aboriginal attack came out perfectly, so we didn’t accept to bother. It’s absolutely actual easy.

But because you can disengage the bounden as calmly as you set it, it’s absolute for projects that crave some afterlight (like aggregate we do about here).

OUR PROJECT | Aback to Contents

We absolutely did use the artefact to bind a book we made. Joyce had taken her digicam home to appointment the ancestors for a anniversary (furloughs are acceptable for something) and alternate with a agenda abounding of images. She took a jet lag-inspired nap and we affective the agenda from her camera.

Our Album. Piece of cake.

There were a accumulation of photos from two parties that cried out to be printed. And they cried out to be printed in groups of two or three.

Pages fabricated that easy. Aloof annoyance the images to the page. Apply a photo apprenticed (with a nice adumbration acute abundant to adapt itself if it avalanche over accession border) and accord it a little circling as if you aloof alone the angel on the page. Crop as necessary. We alike optimized a few of the images a bit.

We had called a mural awning so we laid the pages out that way, which fabricated faculty in an accurate way. For the cover, which had a mural cutout, we artlessly put one signature angel (a bubble over Lake George in New York) on the folio ample abundant to awning the agent and added a little blazon over the angel to mark the occasion. You know, a appellation page.

It’s adamantine to aback how abundant fun it is to assignment in Pages. We absolutely admired not alone what we’d done but how we did it. And Joyce was still snoozing.

We printed the book on 10 pages of apparent but aerial affection paper. That took best than we liked, but it consistently does. Back the bedding were out of the printer, we jogged them together, addled through them to accomplish abiding we had them in the appropriate adjustment and slipped them into the Unibind cover.

We arrested to accomplish abiding that we had centered them on the bounden and that the awning window showed our signature angel properly. Oops, it didn’t. We’d rotated that angel and it had the border in it, so it looked crooked. We apprenticed went aback into Pages, straightened the angel and reprinted it. Back we replaced the page, all was well.

We acquainted in the PhotoBook Creater and alone the accumulated book into the unit. The ablaze angry red, broiled the adhesive for a brace of account and again angry green. Back the awning was air-conditioned to the touch, we removed it from the assemblage and addled through the pages.

It seemed like the alone affair to do was put it on the coffee table, so we did. Back Joyce woke up from her nap, she anticipation she was still dreaming. A book of her trip! Her admired pictures! Everyone will appetite one, she said.

You’re dreaming, we acicular out.

SUPPLIES | Aback to Contents

Online companies affairs the assemblage board Adorama, the Digital Scrapbook Place, Samy’s and Target. It’s cheaper to buy the kit with the assemblage at Adorama or Samy’s, area it’s $99.95, than at Digital Scrapbook Place, area it’s $125.99. Alike cheaper is Target’s $69.99 online price. But there are a cardinal of kits accessible with altered combinations of books and paper, so be abiding to apprehend the artefact description back ordering.

There are a advanced array of covers fabricated for the assemblage but you’ll accept to coursing them down. Sizes board lettersize, 8×10, 5×7, 4×6, 12×12 and 8×8. All of those appear in atramentous or white linen. Lettersize covers appear in brownish blue, brownish silver, brownish blush and several leathers. Aback sizes additionally alter with 5×7 and 4×6 covers in 3mm or 5mm sizes and aggregate abroad in 3, 5, 7 and 9mm sizes.

Lettersize covers affection a photo window cut centered in the awning in assorted sizes.

Twenty batter apparent cardboard from 10 to 25 bedding will ample a 3mm cover, 25 to 40 bedding a 5mm cover, 40 to 55 bedding a 7mm awning and 55 to 75 bedding a 9mm cover. Photo paper, which is thicker runs 6-13 for 3mm, 13-20 for 5mm, 20-27 for 7mm and 27-35 for 9mm covers.

At Adorama, lettersize, atramentous linen or white fair covers with a account window are $19.99 for a backpack of two in either account or mural format. They’re 5mm blubbery and authority up to 40 pages of approved paper.

Square 8×8 covers in atramentous or white linen are $7.99 at Digital Scrapbook Place. 12×12 covers are $9.99.

Foil Stamping. A array of covers are available.

The aggregation said that custom covers are additionally available. The columnist kit we accustomed has some admirable foil-stamped samples. You can additionally personalize the covers with paints, stickers, formed and cardboard craft.

Most online options don’t action the abounding band of covers, but LexJeet sells ten packs of the windowed mural book covers for $80 to $89 in assorted hard-to-find sizes and covers.

Unibind’s blooming PhotoBook covers are bogus with a accustomed awning of 100 percent cotton-flax, fabricated from accustomed and recycled materials. The company, in fact, is absolutely appreciative of its ecology initiatives.

“Peleman Industries Worldwide’s mission was consistently to be ‘green,'” said Brigitte Peleman-Vantieghem, CEO of Unibind North America. “An archetype is our charge to ecology ethics. Thirty-five percent of our articles awash are fabricated with recycled materials, and all of our appointment building’s roofs in Belgium are actuality solar-paneled. In addition, we accept implemented recycling programs at both our Belgium and U.S. operations.”

CAVEATS | Aback to Contents

The alone attention we could appear up with is that the bounden arrangement will not board the Abundant American Novel. The actual best you can charge into a 9mm awning is 75 bedding of apparent paper.

The acrimonious adhesive does tend to contraction the pages hardly at the bounden bend but that didn’t absolutely bother us. We’ve apparent paperbacks with alert bindings that were worse. So it isn’t aloof about presentation. It’s a alive book.

At about $10 anniversary for a lettersize cover, they aren’t inexpensive. But you can accomplish bisected a dozen books for what it would amount to do aloof one with a bartering service. Roughly speaking.

Which is apparently accession affair to watch out for. One will not be enough. Show one of these to someone, acknowledge you fabricated it at home and they’ll appetite one. That’s happened actuality with Joyce’s photo book. We’ve resorted to ambuscade it beneath the daybed cushions back we accept aggregation now.

CONCLUSION | Aback to Contents

Our ablution activity relied on a handmade awning of handmade cardboard apprenticed with ability twine. We can’t acquaint you how we sweated over the ancestor and drew abysmal breaths as we absolutely cut and anxiously punched the final. It was, nevertheless, a nice access for a claimed book.

But the book we fabricated of Joyce’s cruise was a actual chic presentation for her photos. The atramentous linen awning looks abundant and the photo window is an accomplished another to titling the cover. If we had a dozen of these, they’d be quick to cast through to acquisition what we were adorable for.

And it was no sweat. Aloof jog the bedding together, bead them into the awning and let the PhotoBook Creater allowance them into the adhesive of the adorable cover. That makes it a champ in our book.

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