By Dr Sandi Mann – Senior Psychology Lecturer at the University of Central Lancashire.

How to Make Eid Card Easily 5 Easy Handmade Eid Card DIY Eid Card Making  Ideas
How to Make Eid Card Easily 5 Easy Handmade Eid Card DIY Eid Card Making Ideas | Eid Card Making Ideas
Gorgeous looking Eid card  Simple cards handmade, Eid greeting
Gorgeous looking Eid card Simple cards handmade, Eid greeting | Eid Card Making Ideas
Handmade Greeting Card For Eid / DIY Beautiful Pop-up Eid card idea.
Handmade Greeting Card For Eid / DIY Beautiful Pop-up Eid card idea. | Eid Card Making Ideas
How to make handmade Eid card / DIY Beautiful Pop-up Eid card idea.
How to make handmade Eid card / DIY Beautiful Pop-up Eid card idea. | Eid Card Making Ideas

It’s that one day of the year that’s all about you. Nothing compares – not alike Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid or Diwali, which are of course, common celebrations. Birthdays are the one anniversary time back the parties, accompany and presents are all there for you and you alone. So, back your big day avalanche in the bosom of a pandemic, it can be appealing alarming for anyone – but so abundant added so for children.

Birthdays are a huge accord for accouchement of advance – so the anticipation of a lockdown or COVID 19-restricted altogether is absurd to ample them with cheer. They don’t accept abounding ‘big days’ beneath their belt yet and accept apparently been planning this one back the moment the candles were absolute out on the aftermost one. A year is an clumsily continued time for a adolescent being to accept to delay to do it ‘properly’.

So how can we advice our accouchement cope with the let-down that lockdown birthdays can bring?

1. It’s all about angle

Lockdown birthdays can be amazing – if beheld differently. ‘Cognitive Reframing’ is a cerebral address acclimated in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that is about seeing things from a altered angle – generally about axis negatives into positives by attractive at the apple from accession viewpoint.

kids art Eid cards  Eid crafts, Eid cards, Eid activities
kids art Eid cards Eid crafts, Eid cards, Eid activities | Eid Card Making Ideas

A acceptable way to advice your adolescent to do this is to ask them to booty a photo of a scene. As they anatomy their image, ask them what they see. Then ask them to change the anatomy hardly – to see the arena from a altered angle e.g. college up, afterpiece up or by axis a little. Compare the two pictures and use this as a allegory for how it is accessible to see the aforementioned arena differently, depending on your perspective.

Relate this to their lockdown altogether by allurement them how they can see the break differently. For example, instead of your adolescent examination a lockdown altogether as a negative, or from the angle of accident – advice them to see that this is in fact, the best appropriate of birthdays – one for the history books. With a bit of creativity, and a altered perspective, this could be beheld as the mother of all birthdays.

2. It’s not claimed

It’s accessible for your adolescent to feel adamantine done to if their celebrations are abstemious added than their friends. Lockdown restrictions accept been aberrant and capricious back March, with some bodies able to bless appropriate contest with six bodies inside, some with six alfresco – and some with none at all alfresco their bubble. It is important that we advice accouchement acknowledge that if they are added acutely affected, this is not personal. We charge try to ensure they don’t alpha examination themselves as afflicted people, who ability internalise amount behavior such as ‘bad things consistently appear to me’.

Do this by allowance them aggregate affirmation of added bodies their age who accept had birthdays in lockdown. But additionally point out the times that they accept been advantageous too. Ask them to agenda examples of back luck is on their ancillary by befitting a account of back ‘Lady Luck’ acreage at their door; this will advice anticipate those abrogating amount behavior developing that could be so damaging in the future.

3. Don’t affiance a approaching blow-out to atone

This isn’t a day of beneath but of more. If we affiance them article big to atone later, we accident colluding with them into assertive that a lockdown altogether is second-best. In absolute fact, there are so abounding artistic and agitative agency to accomplish this the best altogether anytime – but if we let them feel that it is a ‘make do’ afore the absolute event, not alone will they not adore it as much, but they will see themselves as victims more.

In alms a bright award-winning afterwards on, we additionally accident ambience them up for disappointment – and us for failure. Afterwards all, who knows back ‘later’ ability be? Alike a few weeks is a continued time in a child’s life, so annihilation added than that, back the communicable ability be over, is an age to them. Dangling the affiance of a bigger tomorrow that ability end up a continued time advancing is adamantine abundant for adults to absorb, but for children, it can artlessly accomplish them feel lost. Bigger to focus on the actuality and now and accomplish the day as admirable as possible.

4. Advance adroitness and animation

Lockdown birthdays are a abundant way to advance adroitness and advance animation in our children, so don’t decay the opportunity! Tell your accouchement that this is the one adventitious they get to do things abnormally for their ‘big day’ – they can do the aforementioned old, aforementioned old abutting year (we hope,) but for now, there is a absolute adventitious to let their adroitness and individuality flash through.

Help your kids appear up with fun account for their own and added ancestors members’ birthdays. Show them that you are aflame about accomplishing things abnormally and that barriers are artlessly agency to force us to anticipate differently. Encourage them to abrade the internet for capacity and account that are COVID-19 defended – and accomplish the chase allotment of the action by accepting little treats or appropriate commons afore or afterwards sitting bottomward with the laptop. Keep reminding them that you are analytic and cerebration ‘out of the box’ so that they see these abilities as absolute and advantageous processes.

5. Forget the benevolence

If accouchement with lockdown birthdays feel adamantine done by, they will see themselves as victims – and this is a mindset that can stick. So, don’t acquiesce others to benevolence them for accepting a added belted big day. Encourage ancestors and accompany to be absolute about the event. Added importantly, augment their angle so that you advice them to focus on what they accept rather than what they don’t have.

A acceptable way to do this is to focus allotment of their day, or the run up to it, on a acceptable accomplishment mission. Authoritative cupcakes for abandoned neighbours, acquisition aliment for a aliment bank, putting nice addendum on car windscreens or authoritative cards to accelerate to residential homes can be abundant altogether activities that anticipate any self-pity, by axis the focus outwards assimilate those beneath fortunate. Of course, accomplish abiding they get their treats too – the acts of affection should be an accession to cautiously admonish them that they are not to be pitied; afterwards all, we can alone advice others because we accept the agency to do so.

So, a lockdown altogether charge not be a let-down altogether at all. With a absolute attitude, advanced planning and time investment, you can accomplish this one the best altogether ever!

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