This beautifully simple covering bifold is a aboveboard and—more important—functional wallet that’s not as big-ticket as it looks and feels.

GOYARD Goyardine Business Card Holder Black 5
GOYARD Goyardine Business Card Holder Black 5 | Goyard Business Card Holder
GOYARD Goyardine Business Card Holder Black 5
GOYARD Goyardine Business Card Holder Black 5 | Goyard Business Card Holder
GOYARD Goyardine Business Card Holder Green
GOYARD Goyardine Business Card Holder Green | Goyard Business Card Holder
Goyard Business Card Holder Coated Canvas
Goyard Business Card Holder Coated Canvas | Goyard Business Card Holder

Get this if: You appetite a acceptable covering bifold that looks and feels added big-ticket than it absolutely is.

Why it’s great: The Leatherology Attenuate Bifold Wallet is the ideal ideal of the covering wallet. It doesn’t accept any gimmicks such as technically avant-garde abstracts or avant-garde pockets—it’s basically what earlier ancestors ability anticipate of aback they apprehend “slim covering wallet.” It has a low contour (a little beneath than ¾ inch aback abounding with six cards), it’s fabricated of acutely adaptable full-grain covering (which has been candy beneath and is college affection than cheaper, corrected-grain leathers), and it’s bare of any logos above the debossed Leatherology name on the interior.

Unlike with some of the added covering wallets we tested, the covering on this wallet smelled audibly of leather, rather than accepting a actinic odor that took a few canicule to off-gas. The wallet acquainted bendable beeline from the box. The bond forth the alfresco edges was bound and precise, abnormally compared with the broadly spaced and somewhat amateurish stitches we saw on wallets from Phil’s Wallets and Thirteen50. Above its appearance, though, the wallet is aloof a simple amusement to use. Cards accelerate in and out with ease, but the slots aren’t so advanced you’d anguish that they’d blooper out. You could calmly fit eight cards in the Leatherology wallet (six in the slots, added two in the added autogenous pockets). We were afraid the atramentous wallet would attending boring, but the arrangement on the covering fabricated it aesthetically adorable alike in such a aloof color. Leatherology additionally offers a alone cipher advantage for up to four characters (in any of three sizes, two fonts, and four colors) on either the exoteric or autogenous of the wallet. (We didn’t try it, though.)

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Simplicity is the Leatherology’s greatest strength. It has about no appropriate factors, to the point that if you were to lose it and accession were to ask you to analyze any specific details, you ability accept adversity advancing up with any. (Hopefully you’ll accept scuffed it by then.)

Dimensions: 3.25 by 4.125 inchesThickness aback abounding with six cards and two bills: 0.71 inchCard slots (not including banknote pocket): eightMaterial: leatherColors: atramentous onyx, cognac, brown, charcoal; exceptional versions arise in ebony, espresso, whiskey, atramentous oil, mahogany, and aphotic caramelWarranty: one year

Made of a accession absolute that deeply holds your cards while acceptance you to cull them out easily, the Slimfold Micro Bendable Carapace makes a able case for avant-garde abstracts above leather. But we ambition it came in added patterns.

Get this if: You appetite a barely-there wallet with superb functionality and absolutely stripped-down looks.

Why it’s great: The Slimfold Micro Bendable Carapace Wallet doesn’t attending like much, but it’s one of the best avant-garde wallets we came across. Fabricated of a waterproof soft-shell absolute from the Gore aggregation (the cast abaft Gore-Tex), the wallet’s bolt is about as attenuate as a allotment of paper, alone it’s abiding and stretchy. Originally a Kickstarter-backed project, the wallet sports three agenda sleeves—one is a bright artificial affectation for your ID in accession to two added cards, while the two added sleeves authority up to two cards each. The wallet additionally has two added hidden pockets abaft the banknote sleeve, which in our testing could calmly authority up to three cards anniversary (you’re acceptable to accumulate your beneath about acclimated cards here, as they’re not about as accessible).Though Slimfold claims the wallet holds up to 10 cards, in our testing it calmly accommodated 13 afterwards acceptable uncomfortably snug.

The wallet absolutely takes actualization already it’s full. Clashing added wallets, which force cards to board their design, the Slimfold feels advised about its contents. It doesn’t arise to be abundant added than a ellipsoidal allotment of bolt until you actuality it with things, at which point it takes about the exact actualization of a assemblage of acclaim cards, alone covered in micro carapace fabric. It’s the abutting slimmest affair to accommodation banknote and cards in your pocket, organized into a able allotment of material. Although we aren’t commonly anxious about accepting our wallet wet, we activated Slimfold’s affirmation that the absolute is waterproof by spilling some baptize on it; the baptize did absolutely bean on top and leave the autogenous dry. We additionally adulation the acutely acceptable five-year warranty.

GOYARD Goyardine Business Card Holder Black 5
GOYARD Goyardine Business Card Holder Black 5 | Goyard Business Card Holder

The Slimfold Micro Bendable Carapace is accessible both with and afterwards RFID protection, an added affection which is meant to advice assure your wallet from actuality “skimmed” by hackers. We don’t anticipate RFID offers any absolute assurance or improvements over activity without, but for $3 more, it won’t account you any abuse if you opt to accept it.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The architecture is acutely basic. That ability be a nonissue for best people, but if you’re absorbed in added colors or patterns, the Micro Bendable Carapace Wallet doesn’t action abundant of a selection. You can go with a atramentous wallet and a altered bond blush (gray, orange, or red), or accept a gray or fleet wallet instead of black. Admitting the Slimfold is an acutely well-designed and high-quality wallet, it doesn’t apprehend as expensive, the way some of the added wallets on this account attending added big-ticket than they are. Compared with added wallets that action admirable stitching, alone agenda slots, or bright prints, the Slimfold, from a absolutely artful perspective, appears to be aloof a adaptable atramentous rectangle. It arguably is added big-ticket than it looks, but we’d altercate it’s absolutely account the bulk at $45 (especially because that a Tyvek wallet costs about bisected as abundant but would adulterate in bisected the time).

Dimensions: 2.875 by 4 inchesThickness aback abounding with six cards and two bills: 0.55 inchCard slots (not including banknote pocket): threeMaterial: soft-shell polyesterColors: black, black/gray, black/orange, black/red, gray/orange, navy/orangeWarranty: bristles years

If you’re attractive for article beneath traditional, the Dun Wallet is absolutely thinner than any added bifold we found, admitting the abridgement of a acceptable bill alcove may booty accepting acclimated to.

Get this if: You accede thinness to be the best important affair about your wallet, and you backpack about no cash.

Why it’s great: The Dun Wallet is billed as the world’s thinnest wallet; admitting we’re not able to verify that claim, it absolutely is the thinnest wallet that we tested. The accomplished wallet is hardly thicker than bisected an inch aback full, and basically isn’t abundant added than an affected allotment of ellipsoidal covering bankrupt in bisected with agenda slots. Clashing acceptable bifolds, it lacks a banknote sleeve, so it has no added band of leather—there’s aloof a triangular allotment of covering overlaying the agenda aperture that you’re meant to accelerate your bills through. It’ll fit added banknote than a agenda holder, admitting it takes accepting acclimated to.

The slots are additionally adaptable abundant to board whatever cards you carry. The wallet has alone four of these agenda slots, but we were able to accelerate two cards into anniversary aperture with no problem. The aperture openings are on the abbreviate bend of the wallet, with abounding agreement amid so that, clashing with added wallets address added deeply spaced slots, you can accelerate the cards out with your deride rather than accepting to block your feel amid the agenda and the one abaft (and possibly communicable your cuticle in the process). It’s additionally adamantine to abjure that the Dun Wallet has some wow factor, and not in an abhorrent way—it’s alert abundant to attending like a approved wallet, but if accession were attractive closely, they’d apprehension that it’s absolutely not one. The Dun Wallet is thin.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: If you backpack a acceptable bulk of banknote or receipts, this wallet will not serve your purposes. The triangular sleeve is hardly annoying, abnormally aback you’re accepting to cast bills over from ancillary to ancillary to acquisition the agenda you’re attractive for, but if you don’t backpack about a lot of bills, it’s a nonissue.

The interlocking-D logo on the exoteric of the metal tab is an annoying arresting that you may not appetite on your wallet. Unfortunately it’s absurd to booty off.

Dimensions: 3 by 4.125 inchesThickness aback abounding with six cards and two bills: 0.59 inchCard slots (not including banknote pocket): fourMaterial: covering and steelColors: black, brownWarranty: one year

A abbreviate covering bifold wallet that additionally happens to be bargain is about a unicorn, but Allett cleverly uses covering alone on the exoteric to accumulate its wallet affordable.

Get this if: You appetite a covering wallet that’s absolutely affordable, a bit unusual-looking, and able of stowing a tiny pen in a pinch.

Why it’s great: The botheration with a lot of the cheaper covering wallets is that they abatement abbreviate in abundant of what we attending for—they accept low-quality covering (just advancing from an absolute cow is not enough), they accept apart and asperous stitching, and they’re about so blimp with pockets and flaps that they about calculation as “thin” behindhand of their marketing. It’s accessible to acquisition bargain covering agenda holders, abnormally fabricated of tougher leather, but bargain covering wallets are abundant harder to arise by because added covering equals added expense. The Allett Covering Sport Wallet gets about this botheration by application bendable covering aloof for the exterior—the autogenous is a moisture-wicking nylon with aloof two agenda pockets. The pockets are lined with elastic for best grip, and Allett claims you can fit bristles in each, for a absolute of 10 cards. In our tests, we begin that affirmation to be true, admitting we additionally begin it bulky to array through any added than three cards artlessly because they’re all aloof ample into one abridged afterwards any separation. The grippy elastic autogenous did accumulate the cards actual secure, though.

For a covering bifold, the Allett is additionally acutely compact—not aloof attenuate but additionally both beneath and narrower than the Leatherology (and beneath than the Dun).

The Allett additionally comes in a beyond “Original” size, with four agenda slots rather than two (though anniversary agenda aperture is shorter). We didn’t analysis this version, as it’s bigger than we capital for in this guide, but based on our added adventures with Allett, we anticipate it will be analogously useful, and a acceptable advantage if you appetite a college accommodation wallet that’s still slim, such as for stashing in the central abridged of a jacket.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: It doesn’t absolutely attending how you’d apprehend covering to look, either in arrangement (it’s acutely smooth) or afterglow (it’s conspicuously matte). To be honest, aback we aboriginal saw the exterior, we anticipation it was some plastic-leather material. Again we affected it, and it had the feel of article affiliated to the covering of a car seat, which is applicable because it’s fabricated of common-in-cars napa leather. Napa (also spelled “nappa”) covering is full-grain covering that becomes abnormally bendable afterwards a salt-treatment process. It’s additionally advised with water-soluble colorants to aftermost best and become added aggressive to light. The aftereffect is a covering that can sometimes arise bare of leather’s chapped adumbrate arrangement and characteristics. (A accepted Google question: “Is napa covering absolute leather?”)

On our Allett, the bond on the exoteric was a bit uneven; the curve forth the edges criss-crossed and hit the edges of the wallet, and weren’t decidedly compatible or tight. There’s additionally a ½-inch-tall “A” debossed assimilate the exterior, which may not be to your liking. The Allett has two little slots at the top of the banknote alcove to bundle an Allett ballpoint micro-pen you can buy separately, but as is, the slots are a decay of some vertical space.

Dimensions: 3.125 inches by 3.8 inchesThickness aback abounding with six cards and two bills: 0.59 inchCard slots (not including banknote pocket): twoMaterial: covering and nylonColors: oxblood, navy, black, brown, redWarranty: one year

Tyvek wallets fabricated of paper-like polyester aren’t accepted for their elegance, but Slimfold’s Micro Tyvek Wallets, abnormally in agitative patterns, accept an chaste agreeableness that’s added archetypal than corny.

Get this if: You appetite a absolutely bunched Tyvek wallet with a vibrantly adult architecture and you don’t apperception accepting to alter it annually.

Why it’s great: The Slimfold Micro Tyvek Wallet is so ambrosial in appearance, it’s the one I’ve been accustomed about every day aback alive on this guide. For starters, Tyvek is a DuPont apparatus that spins calm polyethylene fibers to create, essentially, a actual abiding paper. Its blueprint is absolutely the aforementioned as that of the Slimfold Micro Bendable Shell, with three agenda slots, one banknote pocket, and two hidden agenda slots abaft the banknote pocket, alone there’s no bright artificial console on the larboard slot. The wallet is a contentment to use, as cards accelerate calmly into any slot. We could calmly blooper bristles cards into the larboard aperture and two cards anniversary into the two on the right—with anniversary of the aback hidden pockets captivation three cards, the wallet can board 15 cards easily. What makes the Slimfold Micro Tyvek a standout, though, is the composure of its patterns. Alone three of them aren’t solid colors (compared with the several dozen you can get from added Tyvek-wallet brands), but we’re decidedly amorous of the repeating Monyou beachcomber (a acceptable Japanese pattern) and cubic patterns, which are far added adult than the patterns about begin on Tyvek wallets. The wave-patterned wallet we’ve been application has gotten adulation about every time we’ve taken it out, with several bodies acquainted that it reminded them of items from Goyard.

The Slimfold Micro Tyvek is accessible both with and afterwards RFID aegis (purported to stop bodies from actuality able to browse your wallet and abduct your information). We acclaim accepting whichever one has a arrangement you like, because we don’t anticipate RFID aegis offers any absolute assurance or improvements. But there aren’t any cogent downsides to accepting it, either.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Because the Tyvek that holds this wallet calm is basically a actual abiding cardboard that will eventually degrade, we weren’t assured the wallet to aftermost an abnormally continued time. But alike afterwards aloof two months of use, the edges of the wallet accept started to affray and lose their color. As with all Tyvek wallets, it’s adamantine to brainstorm this wallet abiding abundant best than a year.

Dimensions: 2.825 by 3.825 inchesThickness aback abounding with six cards and two bills: 0.4 inchCard slots (not including banknote pocket): fiveMaterial: TyvekColors: black/gray, black/orange, black/red, brown/orange, gray/orange, green/white, orange/white, dejected cubic, orange cubic, Monyou wave, Monyou flower, orange, blue, black, red/white, whiteWarranty: None, as the wallet will eventually abrasion to the point of defective to be discarded, but you can acquire a $5 acclaim on your abutting Slimfold purchase. Aback your old wallet wears out, buy a new Slimfold Micro Tyvek or Micro Bendable Carapace wallet on the Slimfold site, and already the cancellation for the new wallet comes in, acknowledgment via email requesting your refund. Aback Slimfold confirms your adjustment history, you get bristles bucks back.

If the Slimfold Tyvek wallets are handsome, the Mighty Wallet ones are aloof fun—a bulk of patterns accomplish it accessible to accept article delightful(ly weird), and they’re a joy to use.

Get this if: You’re absorbed in a added abiding Tyvek wallet with fun designs that accumulate the argot durably in cheek.

Why it’s great: The Mighty Wallet has been about aback 2005, and to abounding bodies it’s the aboriginal Tyvek wallet. With two abundant agenda pockets, two banknote pockets (honestly, aloof one would be abundant and would save on some of the wallet’s thickness), and two hidden pockets forth the edges of the wallet, the Mighty Wallet isn’t abbreviate on storage. Cards fit neatly and snugly in the pockets, admitting we ambition there were a few added autogenous aperture options rather than the abundant two pockets that crave you to angle about to acquisition what you’re attractive for. The Mighty Wallet comes in a deluge of fun designs, and that’s area it absolutely shines: You can get one that looks like an airmail envelope (a nod to the absolute that’s usually acclimated for such shipments), a peanut adulate and clabber sandwich, alike accompanying Mona Lisas—currently there are 43 designs in all. They’re not all to everyone’s taste, but alike if you’re attractive for article simple, the Mighty Wallet band has it. For a Tyvek wallet, the Mighty Wallet is additionally decidedly sturdy-feeling.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The added banknote abridged is a bit confusing—the added band possibly contributes to the wallet’s durability, but it adds array in a way that’s accidental (no added wallet we activated had two banknote sleeves). This wallet is additionally hardly added than it needs to be (3.125 inches), authoritative it essentially beyond than the Slimfold. One accessory quibble: The Mighty Wallet has a hardly unappealing white rectangle on the appropriate of its autogenous that’s evocative of a atom box logo.

Dimensions: 3.125 by 4 inchesThickness aback abounding with six cards and two bills: 0.59 inchCard slots (not including banknote pocket): fourMaterial: TyvekColors: 43 styles at this writingWarranty: none

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