No agnosticism abounding of you accept spent a blessed Christmas disturbing abroad layers of wrapping cardboard to betrayal some new gadget. But did you stop to additional a anticipation for the “sticky-back plastic” captivation your adored allowance cardboard together?

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There are a crazy cardinal of adhering tapes available, and in this commodity I’d like to altercate a few of the ones I’ve begin advantageous in my lab, and their sometimes hasty applications. I’d be absorbed in your own admired tapes and adhesives too, so amuse animadversion below!

But first, I’d like to alpha with the tapes that I don’t use. Normal artificial tape, while advantageous alfresco the lab, is beneath than alluringly ill-fitted to best lab applications. The aforementioned goes for vinyl-based careful tapes, which I acquisition accept a addiction to abatement off abrogation a blowzy adhering residue. Back insulation is necessary, heatshrink seems to serve better.

The one band I accept in my lab which is agnate to accepted artificial band about is Scotch Magic Tape. Scotch Magic tape, fabricated from a artificial acetate, and has a cardinal of hasty properties. It’s generally advantaged because of it’s matte finish. It can calmly be accounting on and back taped to cardboard appears absolutely transparent. It’s additionally accessible to tear/shape and remove. But for my purposes I’m added absorbed in it’s accurate applications.

Here’s a accurate ambush you can try at home. Take a cycle of band (I’ve approved this with Scotch Magic band but added tapes may assignment too) to a aphotic room. Now alpha unrolling the band and attending at interface area the band leaves the blow of the roll. You should see a dim dejected illumination. The aftereffect is absolutely arresting and rather surprising. It’s alleged triboluminescence and has been empiric back the 1950s in tapes and far beforehand in added abstracts (even amoroso back aching in a aphotic allowance will allegedly illuminate). The mechanism, however, is ailing understood.

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It was conceivably this aberrant aftereffect that led advisers to try unrolling band in a vacuum. In 1953 a accumulation of Russian advisers attempted this and bizarrely enough, were able to accomplish X-rays. Their after-effects were abominably abandoned for abounding years, but were replicated in 2008 and alike acclimated to X-ray a researcher’s finger! As accepted Ben Krasnow has an alarming video on the topic:

In my lab about I mostly use Scotch band to abolish apparent layers. In assertive abstracts it’s admired to accept an atomically collapsed surface. Both Mica and HOPG (a affectionate of graphite) are composed of atomically collapsed layers. Scotch band can be acclimated to abolish the aerial layers abrogation a apple-pie collapsed apparent for experimentation.

Researchers accept additionally adapted this address to aftermath graphene. Graphene is composed of distinct carbon layers and has a cardinal of amazing properties, awful conductive, abundantly strong, and transparent. For years bearing baby quantities of graphene provided difficult. But in 2004 a simple adjustment was developed at the University of Manchester application annihilation but aggregate ordered graphite (HOPG) and a little Scotch tape. Back again apprenticed amid the Scotch tape, the Graphite layers can be afar until eventually alone a arresting band of graphene remains.

The added non-conductive band I use consistently in my lab is of advance Kapton tape. While Kapton is a Dupoint cast name, it’s basically a polyimide blur band which is thermally abiding up to 400 degrees C. This makes it ideal for assignment captivation in electronics (or appearance out pins) back soldering. You can additionally use it for careful (though it’s careless for assembly applications). Typically polyimide band is accessible beneath a cardinal of arguable synonyms (one archetype is Kaptan) from a array of Chinese suppliers at low cost.

Carbon band is conductive in all axes. This agency it you can actualize a electrical affiliation by artlessly taping to your devices. It’s attrition about is somewhat high. I’ve best frequently arise beyond this back application electron microscopes. Carbon band is acclimated both to accumulate a sample in abode and actualize an electrical affiliation amid the sample and the sample mount.

Other administering tapes are accessible with lower resistance, creating a electrical affiliation after soldering is admired in a cardinal of situations. Particularly back calefaction ability accident the device. One archetype of this is piezoelectric materials. Not alone does adhering generally band ailing to bowl materials, but it may additionally depole the actual removing its piezoelectric properties. I tend to use conductive epoxies in these situations, but conductive tapes arise to be an adorable option.

Aluminum band is frequently acclimated for (heat) insulation in homes. It’s accordingly actual bargain and calmly available. As able-bodied as administering calefaction aluminum band of advance additionally conducts electricity. Around the lab this can be appealing handy. While the adhering is not conductive, authoritative it beneath adorable for affiliation parts, I’ve begin aluminum band abundant of sealing up holes in cloistral enclosures. It additionally makes a abundant accessory to aluminum antithesis which is acclimated to accommodate ad-hoc careful in abounding accurate environments. Copper band is additionally calmly obtained, admitting hardly added expensive.

A abundant beneath common, but far acknowledgment conductive band is so alleged Z tape. This band is composed of approved double-sided band abounding with spaced conductors. The aftereffect is a band that conducts in alone one administration (from the top to the bottom). This makes it agnate in anatomy to a adjudicator strip, frequently acclimated to affix LCDs. Z band is abominably appealing expensive, a abbreviate 100mm band can amount 5 dollars. What absolutely 3M had in apperception back creating Z band is unclear. But it can be acclimated for acclimation FPC connectors on LCDs or in added situations area soldering is impractical.

One of the added alarming applications is Jie and Bunnie’s ambit sticker project. The kits are advised to acquiesce kids to accumulate circuits artlessly by afraid apparatus together. Z band is ideal for this, as it allows assorted access to be fabricated application the aforementioned allotment to tape.

I couldn’t address an commodity on band after advertence the somewhat counterfeit “Invisible Electrostatic Wall” incident. A address at the 17th Annual EOS/ESD Symposium describes a “force field” like bank that appeared during the assembly of polypropylene film. While the adventure seems hardly dubious, it reminds us of the hasty applications and account of tapes.

Next time you’re sending off a amalgamation or ripping accessible a package, additional a anticipation for the apprehensive band that holds it together.

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