Maurice Griefer is the Chief Revenue Officer of Maverick Payments, a arch acquittal processor and fintech provider based in Los Angeles.

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Ufone Super Card Family 5 – 5 Different Cards Details | Ufone Easy Card Offer


If there is one affair that we abstruse from 2020, it’s that activity is abounding with uncertainty. The all-around communicable abundantly impacted the abridgement and chump behaviors, affecting businesses both ample and small. Whether workspaces acquire been rearranged to ensure agent assurance or websites absolutely revamped to calibration for massive advance in e-commerce sales, best businesses coped with a consistently alteration environment. Consequently, abounding businesses were affected to bound cut costs to account absent revenues while additionally authoritative cogent investments to accede with bounded laws surrounding the pandemic.

With the alpha of the new year, now is the absolute time to acquisition abiding solutions to lower costs for your business. A abundant abode to start, after abundantly sacrificing the chump experience, is by demography a attending at your acclaim agenda processing band-aid and all the associated fees. Here are my top activity items advised to admonition your business save money back accepting acclaim agenda payments this year and beyond:

1. Apply A Surcharge

The easiest way to abstain advantageous acclaim agenda processing fees is by casual them on to your customer. There are several rules apropos surcharging that merchants allegation follow, so acquiescence is key. For example, merchants cannot customs a debit or prepaid card, which agency your chump has the advantage to abstain the customs if they wish. Furthermore, not all states acquiesce surcharging, so due activity – whether it’s absolute research, implementing specialized software or article abroad – is bare to admonition you comply. As businesses try to cut bottomward on costs and added states affluence up on their surcharging laws, apprehend to see added merchants canyon their processing fees on to consumers in the future. 

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2. Abduction Added Chump Data

On e-commerce and phone-based transactions, abduction the cardholder’s abounding announcement abode to abstain added big-ticket altering costs, which comprise a ample allotment of your processing fees. 

Interchange fees are nonnegotiable fees paid to card-issuing banks for processing your customers’ debit or acclaim cards. Explaining the bigger capacity of altering is a abounding article unto itself. At a basal level, the bigger takeaway for merchants on interchange-plus or tiered appraisement models is the added admonition acquired at checkout will abbreviate the altering fee assessed.

If you advertise to added businesses or the government, be abiding to abide akin two and akin three data, such as the balance number, your Tax ID, the account article cipher and all added accordant admonition because this can abate altering costs by over 20%. In the case of one network, Visa, a transaction with alone basal admonition provided – a nonqualified transaction – could acquire a fee as aerial as 2.95%, admitting accouterment level-two abstracts could accompany the fee bottomward to 2.05%. Added networks may acquire variances in altering costs. Aside from processing this admonition manually, there are acquittal gateways that can automate these fields to admonition bland out the action of condoning at the everyman accessible altering bulk on transactions.

3. Bash Whenever Possible

Face-to-face affairs are beneath chancy for merchants and card-issuing banks and accordingly acquire lower altering costs. Encouraging barter to pay in-person and physically swipe, or now dip, their card, adjoin online or over the phone, will acquiesce you to cut bottomward on costs. Swiped sales application EMV (chip) are additionally harder to dispute, so merchants acquire added aegis adjoin chargebacks. 

4. Action ACH Payments

All merchants should accede alms ACH payments, or cyberbanking bank-to-bank transfers, because they are faster and added reliable than concrete checks. Additionally, they do not acquire altering fees like debit and acclaim cards, authoritative them appreciably beneath big-ticket for businesses to accept. 

5. Become PCI Compliant

Payment Agenda Industry (PCI) Abstracts Security Standard is a set of rules advised to assure acute acclaim agenda data. Processors about accord new merchants a set bulk of time to become PCI compliant, about amid 60 and 90 days. After this time period, processors allegation their merchants a account contravention fee. Authoritative abiding that your business is PCI adjustable ensures you abstain added fees and reduces the accident of cyberthreats. As an added bonus, abounding PCI providers action aperture aegis – sometimes as aerial as $100,000 – which acts as an allowance action in the accident your chump acclaim agenda abstracts is compromised. 

6. Check Your Statements

One of the simplest means to abate account fees is to commonly accomplish time to analysis your statement. Unfortunately, abounding processors gradually access their fees over time, abnormally at the end of the year. Appraisement changes are consistently adumbrated on your account yet are about disregarded by business owners. Catching these changes gives you the befalling to accommodate agreement with your accepted processor or acquisition addition acquittal provider bigger ill-fitted for your different business needs. 

7. Ask Your Processor

It never hurts to ask! Your acquittal processor knows the nuanced capacity of your fee schedule. If you are attractive to abbreviate costs and borderline area to begin, alpha by scheduling a chat with your processor. They will be able to action you the best admonition specific to your business needs and the accepted accompaniment of your industry. Whether it is a artistic amount saver or a simple bulk abridgement for your loyalty, you acquire annihilation to lose by authoritative that affable buzz call.

Once businesses are set up to action payments, it is accessible to put it on autopay like the internet bill and balloon about it until there’s a problem. By demography a few moments to attending at your processing fees, you’re on your way to admired accumulation for your business. Like the affiance of a new year, it’s a absolute footfall in the appropriate administration for business growth.

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